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A Walk to the Murombodzi Falls

Text by Francisco Máximo
Pictures by Francisco Máximo and Grant Norvall

(March 1st, 2008)

Staff members of Gorongosa National Park decided to do something different and to walk to the Murombodzi waterfalls to enjoy the best that nature can offer. And if the destination is usually enough reason to bring you joy, the journey is also enough to cheer you up.


Indeed, going through tracks that cross plotted lands, smelling of tea, fruit and wild fragrances is just the beginning to wake up your senses. Behind us thick forests remained, smiling people saluting the car, different birds that gifted us with their appearance, and rivers widened by the last rains.


The landscape on the way to our final destination is truly overwhelming: ahead of us the Gorongosa Mountain rising with majesty on the horizon and behind us, as far as the eye can see, the immense plains of Gorongosa, Chimoio and Manica.


As said before, if nothing else, the journey would be enough to justify our leave. But nature here is generous in their offerings and the best is yet to come: the waterfall. A relaxing stroll along a path that goes through strong and lush tall grasses, and suddenly enters into a wet and aromatic thick forest. The sound we are listening to allows us to guess that we are close now to the water whirlpool. The emotion increases!


As we arrive at the waterfall, the common feeling is ecstasy. The quantity of water that pours from the mountain is awesome. The height, the different staircases, the surrounding forest leaves us speechless. The sense of harmony and respect towards nature is totally dominant.




It’s almost impossible to resist the waterfall’s appeal and therefore a long and refreshing swim is mandatory. The soul looks like it wants to join the waters while the flesh lies at the natural swimming pools created by time and nature, like a true man-made Jacuzzi.



One can relax, absorb the heat of the sun that caresses the skin, lose their sight looking at the numerous rainbows created by the falling water. Absolute peace. 


Meanwhile, a careless chameleon on a high tree branch rising over the rocks suddenly falls in the water. Immediately the strong stream takes him and he is certainly going to die. One of our colleagues rises and rescues him from the deadly whirlpool. The whole group unites to salute the poor fellow.  He looks in a grateful way to his savior and is not afraid of a quick but true and genuine intimacy. The chameleon is returned to where he belongs leaving behind feelings of tenderness and respect for such a graceful creature.      


It’s time to return to the Park, and the soul overflows with feelings. On our way back, we get more intimate with local inhabitants with whom we share water, food, knowledge, and smiles, of the kind that make us feel blessed by life.


Suddenly, without warning, a small frog falls on the car. The march is immediately interrupted and once again everybody came to see and salute such a delicate creature. The frog, maybe because he felt that this group of humans is dedicated to nature conservation, decides to jump and to thank one of the group members more closely. Such a sudden and surprising act created a general joy and freed laughs of satisfaction from everyone.


What a marvelous day. We all returned to the Park for a new journey in our work with the feeling that it is worthwhile and that we ought to preserve nature in general and particularly this unique ecosystem.


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